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We are buying 180 Glock RONI’s, equivalent to $24,000


Israel is under its biggest threat in its history. 

ONE PEOPLE  are a group of business leaders, parents of IDF soldiers, and community leaders, who have come together, volunteering their time to support and fulfill urgent needs that need to be addressed.  The day after the Hamas terror attacks, we realized there was a need to support the IDF to equip the huge number of reservists who answered the call to protect the nation. We established credit lines allowing us to distribute $3.5m worth of equipment.


We have delivered thousands of ceramic plates, vests, ballistic helmets and other tactical gear - to save lives.  

We need more financial support as our mission is evolving daily: When we learn that a unit is under direct fire and the IDF is delayed in equipping them; we take immediate and decisive action to equip these soldiers until the IDF meets its obligations.  

Your support is essential to make this happen.

What are RONI's and how can they help?

Our goal is to enhance First Response team’s accuracy and increase their effectiveness. First Response members mainly carry handguns. RONI is a tool that connects these weapons, allowing longer range accuracy with increased visual threat deterrence and survivability. 

One People has received 70% discount to purchase over 100 RONI's and efficiently arm our First Response teams.


We need YOUR help. 

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