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  • 5 Toyota armoured vehicles - $834k

  • 50 night vision headsets - $450k

  • 500 tactical kits - $90k

  • 50 radio transmitters - $29.5k

  • 400 ceramic bullet proof vests - $616k

  • 500 bullet proof helmets - $192.5k

  • 100 protective goggles - $7.7k

  • 50 security LED flashlights and vehicle lights - $24.5k

  • 100 pairs tactical footwear - $25.7k

  • Plus other equipment...

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400 border communities lack basic protection

They need life-saving equipment

The men of fighting age in the Eshkol region have been called up to the reserves, leaving women and children in these communities unprotected.

24/7 Support

We are supporting the remaining residents and their First Response Teams with protective gear to guard their communities.
Gear that their colleagues didn’t have on October 7th.

We focus on communities under real threat

We are working directly with, and are endorsed by, the Eshkol and Lower Galilee Regional Councils. Both are surrounded by hostile populations.

The Eshkol Region (32 communities) lies midway between Ashkelon and Beersheva on the Gaza border. It includes “Ground Zero” of the attacks - Be’eri - where 1k people lived, more than 100 were massacred and 50 hostages were taken. It also includes Re’im where over 200 were killed at a music festival.

Who are One People?

ONE PEOPLE  are a group of business leaders, parents of IDF soldiers, and community leaders, who have come together, volunteering their time to support and fulfill urgent needs that need to be addressed.  The day after the Hamas terror attacks, we realized there was a need to support the IDF to equip the huge number of reservists who answered the call to protect the nation. We established credit lines allowing us to distribute $3.5m worth of equipment.


We have delivered thousands of ceramic plates, vests, ballistic helmets and other tactical gear - to save lives.  

We need more financial support as our mission is evolving daily: When we learn that a unit is under direct fire and the IDF is delayed in equipping them, we take immediate and decisive action to equip these soldiers until the IDF meets its obligations.  

Your support makes all this possible.

What is a First Response Team (FRT)?

A First Response Team, or Kitat Konanut, is a group of qualified civilian community members specifically trained by the IDF to detect and react to terrorist attacks. They work in complete coordination with the IDF securing their community until the army can arrive.

On October 7th it was these teams who reacted first to
the Hamas terrorists and fought heroically for their communities. These teams now need our support.

Why support One People?

All funds raised go exclusively towards the equipment that’s really needed. Unlike larger NGOs, we are all volunteers so there are no overheads.

We work directly with the regional councils. Our impact is not held up by bureaucracy - our rapid response ensures communities are protected immediately rather than in weeks or months

The people of Eshkol need
life-saving equipment NOW

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