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תודה שעזרת להגן על חייהם של חיילינו האמיצים
ותומכים באחינו ואחיותינו שנעקרו.
ישנן שתי דרכים בהן תוכל לתרום
תרומה באמצעות העברה בנקאית

אנא בחר את מיקום המס שלך

או המטבע המועדף עבור התרומה שלך

תרומה מארה"ב בדולר ארה"ב
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  • Why support One People?
    By giving to One People, you're not simply giving to us; you're supporting the real needs of Israel. We have direct connections with senior figures in Israel and collaborate with experts in each field to raise funds for these essential needs. Your support ensures we can make an immediate impact where it matters most.
  • Where does the money go to?
    Every donation goes exclusively toward acquiring the equipment that's genuinely needed. Everything you give will directly support our country. Not a single penny will be spent on salaries, overheads or admin.
  • Are donations tax deductible?
    Yes, we are partnering with The Central Fund of Israel and Israel Gives Foundation. This means donations are tax-deductible in Israel, the US and UK, Canada, Australia, and France.
  • Why do the first responders need this equipment?
    The first responders are the first line of civilians that protect their communities. They are under increasing threat and need this equipment, and your help is crucial
  • How does One People select the right equipment?
    We collaborate with experts who know the best suppliers and materials meeting Israel's rigorous standards.
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