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Help us save lives

Who We Are

One People is a group of volunteer parents, businesspeople and community leaders founded in the wake of the horrific October 7th massacre by Hamas.

Our mission is to provide IDF soldiers and rapid response teams with the bulletproof vests, helmets and other lifesaving equipment they desperately need.

Since Oct 7th we have bought and supplied almost $4 million of equipment.

We are already saving lives and your donation will directly help us to save more.

With your help, we’re getting the job done.

Helmets delivered

Ceramic vests delivered

Knee pads in transit

Our Mission

To bring safety and security
to those most affected by war in Israel.

Israel faces its most significant threat in history. We've all seen the devastating images, and heard the harrowing tales. In these unprecedented times, our unity is the answer. The Jewish people are, after all, ONE PEOPLE!


Our mission is to save lives, urgently prioritizing those who protect us. We supply life-saving equipment to the IDF, First Response teams and civilian organizations.

We strive to bring safety, security, and a feeling of normality to those in Israel who have been affected by war. 

How to Help

Stand with us, stand with Israel,
ensure our soldiers are victorious

Your support is vital. We are currently purchasing mission-critical equipment such as bulletproof vests and helmets. This equipment is the literal difference between life and death for our soldiers.

As the situation evolves, so will the needs of our soldiers and society. Together with you, we will continue to provide that support. 

Everything you give will directly support our soldiers, First Response teams and humanitarian aids.
Not a single penny will be spent on salaries, overheads, or admin.

Here's what your donation can buy:

Box delivery_edited.jpg







One People In Action

Our Partners

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