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ONE PEOPLE - Our Mission

Dear ONE PEOPLE community,

Thank you, everyone, for the dedication and effort you've invested in launching ONE PEOPLE. The minute we learned that soldiers on the front line lacked protective equipment ONE PEOPLE was born. Our community came together almost immediately to see how we could all help. Now, just a few weeks on, ONE PEOPLE has already had an impact: We've fundraised and dispatched over 10,000 items of life-saving vital equipment, directly contributing to saving the lives of someone’s sons and daughters. There is absolutely no way this could have happened without your support. The credit goes to the individuals in this community. Thank you!

It’s been a few weeks, and I know it gets harder to take time out of our private lives to help. Please remember that we’re doing this for our sons and daughters, who are right now sitting terrified at the borders of Gaza. We hold them in our hearts and prayers, and continue to do all we can to protect them and all those in need.

Today, we reafirm our Vision: “ONE PEOPLE - Together for Israel”

Our primary mission is: Save Lives! We Protect Those Who Protect Us! This doesn’t stop at our soldiers, it extends to all the brave protectors of Israel who are putting their lifes on the line for you and me.

Once that mission has been achieved, we will help to Heal The Scars of War in Israel, and restore a sense of safety and normalcy to our brothers and sisters who’ve been cruelly displaced and traumatised.

Right now we will continue to concentrate on our primary mission. I hope you will continue to be part of it. Please go and help us raise money to protect those who protect us.

If you believe you can contribute with your time, please reach out to Ari Jason or Eli Spitalnik. Thank you!

Ari Briggs,

Founder, ONE PEOPLE - Together for Israel

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